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Every Event Begins With a Story

We turn dreams into reality. Weave story into every thread of your event. And conjure a wonderfully collaborative magic to create celebrations that are both unmatched and unforgettable. One secret? We listen. To understand who you are. Who you want to be. And who (and what) matters most to you. We leave no stone unturned, no detail untended to, no possibility unexplored.

That’s because the most beautiful event is also the smartest event, and we take pains along every step of the way to deliver both. The initial concepting conversations and the design work that realize your vision are so intrinsically linked, one literally cannot exist without the other. And when we layer in the flawless execution that has become the very essence of who we are, the results are simply spectacular.

Our clients are as unique as our events. Individuals, families, corporations, and non-profit organizations – each looking to create a singular, incomparable experience. For each, we meet and exceed their highest expectations – bringing an artistry to execution renowned around the world.


We are Q Events and Weddings, and the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours.


Damini Oberoi

In love with a dream. That is what Damini Oberoi is.  In love with a dream as much as fascinated by that special touch, which so unique, sees each of her projects take shape. Over the years she has built, shaped and developed her creativity, her love for the beautiful, and directed her clients’ dreams.  Such is Q Events & Weddings - an experience curating agency she is founder of. With a Degree in Hospitality – who speaks 4 languages – she boasts a business background in Food and Beverage. Damini has developed a marked ability to understand and interpret her clients’ needs. She has created award winning events throughout the country, that have gained her considerable visibility among important wedding blogs. She lives between her home in Pune – where she grew up – and Udaipur, with which she is in love. Damini leads a team of intuitive, passionate, thoughtful people who support her to give you a service beyond your expectations.


Meet The Team



Keep him inspired with your vision and he’ll make your dreams come true. High on energy and black coffee, this Q team member will make sure your wedding is full of surprises. He can talk a bride through her cold feet or even dance in your baraat, he’s got the skills to do it all. And yes, he’ll do this while playing your favourite tune in the background.



When experience matters, Pranali shines. Her passion towards the industry makes her the most cheerful event manager who will make sure all what is promised is delivered. This Q Team member has a keen eye and this makes her a huge asset for any wedding or event.



If you need a last minute dholwala in Pune or your favourite mint in Ooty or a UFO to land in Goa, Shubham is your man. His passion for fitness shines through his personality, making him always focused and consistent. 



Our youngest trooper is the most enthusiastic, bubbly member of our team. She breaks the cookie cutter approach and brings a refreshing perspective to every table. Happy beautiful memories and Divya go hand in hand. 



Our creative designer likes to experiment with new ideas and can works endlessly behind the scenes to make sure your wedding / event has the visual impact you so desire.


This sweetest Q team member will ensure you get the best "adrakwali chai" (Ginger tea) when you visit our wedding lounge for your planning.

Sanjay Kaka

Meeting Room

Want To Join Our Team?

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