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Every Event Begins With a Story

We turn dreams into reality. Weave story into every thread of your event. And conjure a wonderfully collaborative magic to create celebrations that are both unmatched and unforgettable. One secret? We listen. To understand who you are. Who you want to be. And who (and what) matters most to you. We leave no stone unturned, no detail untended to, no possibility unexplored.

That’s because the most beautiful event is also the smartest event, and we take pains along every step of the way to deliver both. The initial concepting conversations and the design work that realize your vision are so intrinsically linked, one literally cannot exist without the other. And when we layer in the flawless execution that has become the very essence of who we are, the results are simply spectacular.

Our clients are as unique as our events. Individuals, families, corporations, and non-profit organizations – each looking to create a singular, incomparable experience. For each, we meet and exceed their highest expectations – bringing an artistry to execution renowned around the world.


We are Q Events and Weddings, and the best event we’ve ever done is going to be yours.


Damini Oberoi

Growing up around hotels, thanks to her hotelier parents – Damini found early inspiration in this industry. With a degree in Hospitality and a background in Food and Beverage, Damini laid the foundation with her catering business before venturing into event planning and establishing Q Events & Weddings– an experience curation agency. Through the years, Damini has honed her creative edge and passion for curating events that are straight out of dreamland for her clients. With a sixth sense for knowing what her clients want, she's garnered accolades and a stellar reputation in the wedding industry. Damini is also a Preston Bailey Protégé. Preston is renowned for his extravagant floral designs that transform event spaces into breathtaking environments.

Specializing in designing personalized celebrations and destination weddings, Damini curates events that symbolize the unique love stories of couples stepping into the next chapter of their lives.

Outside of work, Damini is a dog mom, sharing her home with two four-legged babies and often adopting others along the way. Married to a hotelier, Damini's personal and professional life are intertwined, further fuelling her commitment to creating memorable events for you and your loved ones. Her journey in events and weddings reflects her parents' legacy, blended with her own unique style and passion. She does this along with her team of intuitive, passionate, and thoughtful individuals who consistently deliver service beyond expectations.


Meet The Team



Hailing from Bombay, our Senior Client Servicing Manager, Pranali is the go-to person for all things creative and innovative. Want the moon? She'll figure out how to get it for you, no matter what it takes! She's the event planner with the inside scoop, always one step ahead, knowing the latest trends and all the juicy details like the who's who in the industry.

Pranali's charismatic charm infuses every event she handles with a unique sparkle. 

With 8 years of event curation under her belt, her keen eye and attention to detail make decor her forte– as she promises to be an invaluable asset for any wedding or event.

Beyond her professional prowess, Pranali is a bundle of energy who loves to stay ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to reels. A true-believer in the power of manifestations, an avid traveler and self-proclaimed foodie, she brings a vibrant flair to every project.



Miss Congeniality of the Q team, Divya is the calm in the storm and has quickly made waves in her short time in the event scene. Breaking away from the cookie-cutter approach with a refreshing perspective, she's a problem solver and a good finder– always positive in her interactions and adept at multitasking, making her resourceful and efficient. She specializes in décor, adding her magical touch to every celebration with her keen eye for design.


Happy, beautiful memories and Divya go hand in hand, ensuring "her bride" gets what she wants. A party animal and animal lover, Divya has 3 adopted animals and 2 dogs of her own. Her love for travel, eye for perfection, and exceptional organization skills make her the go-to for adding that extra oomph to your event, ensuring it's truly spectacular.



Shubham, a newlywed himself, is your go-to guy whether you need a last-minute dholwala in Pune, your favorite mint in Ooty, or even a UFO to land in Goa. His passion for fitness shines through his personality, making him always focused and consistent. Despite his many talents, Shubham remains humble, and sincere every step of the way.



Kanchan has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of hospitality and logistics in the wedding and event industry. She promises your guests the warmest experience, making them feel like family from the moment they receive their invitations until they bid farewell.
A proud mom of two grown-up boys, she's also the Q family's beloved "proxy mother".

When she's not orchestrating seamless events, Kanchan loves to jet-set, find her zen through meditation, and strike a pose in yoga class. Known for her super helpful, organized, and approachable nature, she's the one you can count on to make your event a memorable success.



Krishna, the genius behind our creative designs at Q Events! He's not just your average graphic designer; he's the secret ingredient that adds that 'wow' factor to every event. Whether he's coordinating rituals at the mandap or brainstorming new ideas, Krishna's skills stand out, ensuring each event is a memorable experience. Despite his shy demeanor, he's always there to lend a helping hand, ensuring every event is unforgettable.


With 4 years of experience at Q Events, Krishna is always eager to learn and try new things. When he's not busy with events, you'll find him exploring new ideas, whether it's through sketching, traveling, or capturing moments through photography and videography.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-24 at 6.13.58 PM.jpeg


This Q member loves his chai as much as he loves his work. Known for his resourcefulness, Pranay is your go-to guy for ensuring every detail of your event is perfect. His specialty lies in handling production and managing relationships with suppliers and vendors. As a problem solver, he's well-versed in technical aspects like sound and lighting, ensuring that every element of your event runs seamlessly.
Give him a flask of his favorite masala chai and he will stay up all night to give you the wedding of your dreams, all while keeping a cool and calm attitude.


At work, Pranay is the one who starts laughing riots in the office. Beyond that, he's a movie buff and a die-hard cricket fan who loves hitting the road and is always up for a drive.



With high spirits and his drive to get things done, Bharat is a key player in our production team. Rain or shine, he goes the extra mile to ensure your event is a success. Hard-working and reliable, you can trust him to be independent and take ownership of his responsibilities.


A true tech geek, Bharat loves everything from the latest gadgets to cars and sports. He's definitely our go-to guy for the latest tech updates and recommendations.



Harsh's background in hospitality shines through in his knack for efficient event planning. Quick-witted, he fulfills even the smallest requests from the bride & groom without missing a beat on timelines. Between events, he keeps himself busy with his top 3Cs—chai, cricket, and cinema—and loves spending quality time with loved ones. His passion for events is matched by his excitement to bring your vision to life with the Q team.



Aastha from tech-city Bangalore, brings a blend of fashion-forward thinking and graphic design skills to Q Events. With a passion for hospitality, she ensures your guests not only feel attended to but also relaxed and at home throughout the event. Her edgy and cool sense of personal style reflects in her designs, promising a unique touch to every project.


As our client servicing aficionado, Aastha is always on her toes, learning and adapting to provide the best to her bride and grooms.  Beyond work, she's a proud mama to a cat named Maau and an enthusiastic explorer, constantly on the prowl for the next great food adventure.

2023-07-07-01-20-27-073 (1) (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Anushka, an architect by education and designer from Nagpur, brings a zesty twist to every event with her fresh perspective. Known as the 'child of the team,' she's a ray of sunshine, always bringing giggles and a fun vibe to the Q office and events. A true foodie, she's constantly on the lookout for her next best food spot in town. When not turning her 3D designs and wedding sets into lively experiences, you'll find her happily sipping on either of her two great loves – Chai or Bournvita.



Our wedding enthusiast from Varanasi, Sheetal is always on the lookout for opportunities to network and engage. With her keen eye for detail, she'll know your guests better than you do, always greeting you with a warm smile. Her bubbly, talkative, and jolly personality adds a special charm to every event.


With 6 years in hospitality and weddings, particularly in backend production, Sheetal is a seasoned pro at creating beautiful experiences. When she's not busy making your dream wedding a reality, you'll find her indulging in mindless Instagram scrolling, reading, and staying hydrated with her favourite beverage, good old H2O.



Born in Bombay, Kashish is a spirited newbie in the event scene with over 7 years of social media and content writing experience in the hospitality and lifestyle niche. She's all about planning, organizing, and letting her creativity flow. A self-proclaimed grammar nazi, it's no surprise she's your go-to-gal to write your perfect love story. In addition to her skills, she speaks Spanish and a bit of German, adding a touch of linguistic flair to her repertoire.


As she jumps into events, she's here to learn the ropes of client servicing and hospitality. Off the clock, you'll find her binging on romcoms, cooking up a storm, or cycling to the beat of her favorite tunes, finding her zen through yoga.



When he's not satisfying the team's cravings, you'll catch Shiv attempting to make your wedding—and himself—go viral on social media. Hospitable to the core, he's always ready to cater to your every need at the Q office. A dog lover, movie buff, and cricket enthusiast– he enjoys both watching and playing the game in his downtime. And when he's got a moment to spare, you'll find him gaming on his phone.



Mahendra is our inventory management expert, always ensuring everything is in its right place. With a hospitable nature, he's always ready to assist with a smile– making everyone feel welcome and at ease when they visit the Q office.

When he's not keeping track of inventory, you'll find Mahendra glued to his phone either playing gaming or watching the latest movies, and trending reels. He's also a dance enthusiast who can't resist the urge to bust a move or two when the music starts playing.

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