Rashmi & Siddharth

I would recommend Q Events without a second thought. Our wedding was absolutely fantastic—every last detail taken care of—and none of it would have been possible without their hard work and love. The level of thought that went into everything was amazing, but more than that, it was how they came together as a team to execute our amazing weekend. They genuinely enjoy what they do, they do it out of pure love, and it shows in absolutely everything. Still completely blown away by how beautiful, flawless, and smooth everything was—they pulled off legit magic, and we'll be forever grateful.

Thank you Damini & team!

Disha & Kunal

After our initial call with Damini Oberoi, we knew Q Events was the perfect choice as she was open to listening and accommodating us in every way possible. Damini’s creativity, demeanor, and trendy outlook on her work, including environmental sensitivity was undeniable. Being based out of the US, it would have been impossible for us to plan the fairytale wedding we had in mind. The wedding planning process itself was an experience that was unforgettable for both of us due to the countless hours spent on call/mgs for more than a year and in person in their office during the weeks leading up to the wedding, the intense brainstorming sessions, discussion of layouts with computer simulations, and the sheer fun we had with the entire team. Q Events was up to the challenge every step of the way including the wedding logo, season themed wedding invitations, wedding decor, vendors, arrangement of transportation for our guests from abroad, and execution of all the wedding events.  Their ability to listen to picky people like us throughout the planning process and execute the concepts into reality to absolute perfection was truly commendable. Throughout the weekend, it did not feel as if we were communicating with a wedding planning service. They would somehow always gauge our moods and through their gestures, managed to bring a smile to our faces.  We do not view Q Events as a wedding planning service, but rather an extension of our family. 

Prashant Garg

We were pleased to have Q Events for my 40th Birthday. Three Cheers to each and every member of Q EVents & Weddings. It was a magical evening, starting from invitation designing, the entrance to the party, the Photo Booth, the candle bar, the artists, the cake, the bartenders, etc all were mesmerising. Creativity was at its peak and their experience mattered the most. They also surprised us with helium balloon shots being sent out with a wish by every guest. 

Choosing Q Events has been the best choice we made. Thank you

Prashant's 40th26.png