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Say "I DO" on a cruise

Jeetendra and Kanika’s Destination Cruise Wedding

Kanika and Jeetendra’s story, as they perceive it, reaffirms the power of manifestation and happenstance in romance. They met in 2012, dating separate people. While the world around them partied like there is no tomorrow, these two spent six hours, star-gazing and talking. At that point, Kanika put a thought out in the universe that she would like to marry someone like Jeetendra. Cut to 2018, the two reconnected again and sparks flew just the same. They started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nothing in their story has been without the dramatic flair necessary to make it worthwhile. The couple believes they are very resilient, they have fought through some of the most difficult scenarios where usually one would find it easy to give up. Amidst all this, their love language remains having conversations.

The Bhatias enjoy their blackjack table as much as their scotch. With a singular aim to do a unique wedding, yet hassle-free for our guests in terms of obligations, the idea of a cruise was floated by the bride's father.

Q Events & Weddings came as a personal recommendation, a choice of the bride. Kanika was frustrated with how a couple of wedding designers she spoke to couldn’t see through the minimalist aesthetic she preferred. “Under the garb of unique, it was the same stuff sold to you repackaged.” However, having a fair idea of Damini Oberoi’s taste, the family decided to go ahead with her team.

"Planning a destination hotel wedding seems like a cakewalk as compared to a cruise wedding. The challenges were something we’d never experienced but nothing we couldn’t overcome", says Damini Oberoi. Keeping all the rules & safety precautions in mind, we designed messages creatively so as to be able to communicate everything to the guests with ease and also keep the enthusiasm levels. To provide exceptional hospitality, we communicated essential information to guests before hand and then facilitated their embarkation and check-in processes.

We made the check in process extremely smooth by also providing assistance to guests with their luggage, which was otherwise not available. We thoughtfully placed amenities in each guest room, including hampers, snack boxes, a personalized welcome letter, and an itinerary that was also designer to serve as a fan.

The first event on board was the super unconventional “Roast” which was as crazy as it sounds. At first we had Jay reunite with his college band and surprise everyone with hits like Dhoom by Euphoria. Friends and family of the couple quite literally roasted them while they took the audience through the journey of Jay & Kanika and had everyone rolling on the floor in laughter. Following this we had an electrifying DJ set and dhol performance. The decor was kept simple with small flower arrangement and LED walls for a lively party atmosphere.

The next morning the Sangeet was arranged like no other. We had the support of Wedniksha / Wizcraft with their wedding theatrical called “Balle Balle” where we had our bride and groom play the star couple and have their Varmala built into the play itself. Family and friends enjoyed as they danced the afternoon away along with the Balle Balle crew.

Then came our wedding ceremony. Kanika was opposed to the patriarchal tradition of “Kanyadaan". To explain this to the guests, we had a female pandit who communicated the bride’s stance. Their friends had a live performance of the entry song, creating an intimate touch to the ceremony.

Kanika loves to read, and Jeetendra is passionate about music so the photo booth was a wall of books with a cute caricature of the couple. We also had a Polaroid station and personalized postcards for the guests to express their wishes. The wedding also included heartwarming speeches for the bride and groom by loved ones.

As per the guests they had an unforgettable experience throughout the wedding, and we were most happy to have contributed to its success. The key was the team's adaptability to find creative solutions in overcoming challenges. As event planners, our goal is to create seamless and memorable experiences, and we are dedicated to achieving that.

Planning a cruise wedding required careful coordination and quick thinking and we are glad it was a success.

Advice to anyone getting married on a cruise : “Get your facts in hand before anything. Do multiple recces. Get all permissions and all information beforehand to make an informed decision”, say Jay & Kanika.

About your experience with Q Events & Weddings

I liked how easy it was to reach out to the team. It’s a young team, hence the very real struggles, that sometimes have nothing to do with the event, are easily resolvable with such a team.

Even though, like any two parties working together there are and will be teething issues, I loved how personal connection was plausible and preferably something I would like to carry forward.

Here’s to a life of happiness & finding solutions together - our unconventional couple “JayKay”!!

So the story of the wedding lehenga by Kanika: “I always knew I wanted it to be an interesting color combination, not a typical Sabya/ Manish Malhotra look. My best friend who couldn’t make it to the wedding, was a part of this design.

Lampi is a unique format of Indian weaving. Back within royalty, real gold wires were used for weaving the skirt. Same was melted as dowry for the next generation. ITRH is one of the handful of designers doing that work in their versatile skirts. The lime green + Royal purple combination added to the glory”.


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