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Planning a Wedding in 20 Days Tanvi and Rohit's Sustainable Celebration

At Q Events and Weddings, planning your big day should be as joyful as the celebration itself. Tanvi and Rohit's journey with us began with a leap of faith. They turned to us just 20 days before their wedding, understandably anxious because they had a challenging experience with the planners they originally got on board. They were seeking a partner who could understand their vision and make their dream wedding a reality.

We started work despite a lack of information from the previous planners. Tanvi and Rohit were happy with our progress and felt relaxed during the wedding planning process.

"They made me feel so comfortable and invested in making our dream wedding come to life," says Tanvi.

When we, at Q Events, plan a wedding, we start with knowing the story of our couple, and what they want from their wedding. In this case, Tanvi and Rohit's story was a testament to the power of love and serendipity, and their wedding needed to be as authentic & real as their story.

Their Story

They first met through friends when Tanvi moved to Pune at 18. Over the years, they forged a special friendship, with Rohit becoming Tanvi's safest place. Sparks were flying but they were too shy to act on their feelings. In 2017, Tanvi moved to the US and met someone, while Rohit was heartbroken, unbeknownst to her.

Amidst the pandemic's upheaval in 2020, Rohit came back into her life in the most beautiful form and their friendship blossomed into a deep love. They enjoyed long drives, found solace in each other's company, and felt as if no time had passed when they reunited in person.

Their friendship blossomed into a profound love, and amidst the laughter and cherished moments, Tanvi discovered that Rohit was the only man who truly deserved her heart. In 2021, Rohit proposed to Tanvi at the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad in the most beautiful, organic way. It was a dinner under the stars, with live Sufi music and the most stunning engagement ring! There were no photographers, no drama, just the two of them, authentically as they could be. 

Their love story and their commitment to sustainability were our guiding lights. So we at Q Events & Weddings, made sure every detail of the wedding reflected their bond and who they were. From the choice of decor to the selection of materials, we made their dream of an eco-conscious celebration a reality.

The Festivities Begin

The intimate Haldi ceremony marked the beautiful beginning of their wedding festivities. Under the warm winter sky, set against Conrad's stunning waterfall backdrop, Tanvi and Rohit began their journey of tradition and love with their nearest & dearest. The venue was adorned with locally sourced terracotta pots and pickle jars, brimming with vibrant yellow and orange marigold hues. Terracotta diyas illuminated the water, while customized linens and orange floral cushions set the tone for the Haldi festivities. As the guests gathered, the air was filled with the sweet melodies of traditional Maharashtrian music, setting the perfect ambiance for the sacred ritual.

Tanvi's pro tip as a makeup artist is," If you're not a fan of Haldi like me, try Kiehl's turmeric mask for glowing skin on your special day."

A Warm Welcome

Then came the Welcome Lunch which was pure bohemian magic! Guests were greeted at the rooftop spot, Al Dila with a sight to behold with macramé umbrellas swaying gently in the breeze and dried flowers. It was a moment of relaxation and warmth as guests mingled and shared in the joy of Tanvi and Rohit's union. The ambiance reflected the couple's unique style, creating an inviting and unforgettable atmosphere that foreshadowed the joyous celebrations ahead.

Sundowner Mehndi Soiree

Later that evening, we hosted an offbeat sundowner Mehndi, a break from traditional ceremonies. Tanvi and Rohit wanted their guests to experience something special. Tanvi, a true Bombay girl at heart, wanted to share her city's spirit with her international guests. Inspired by the lush surroundings of Conrad's outdoor pool area, Kabana, the Mehndi embraced a tropical theme. Our team at Q Events & Weddings decided to ditch the usual floral decor and went all-out with greens and baskets. Cane baskets were repurposed for the entry arch and bar decor, while cane lamps and tropical foliage adorned the ceiling.  The atmosphere was magical, with fairy lights twinkling around the abundant Champa trees, creating a dreamy ambiance.

Handmade candles made of coconut shells with vibrant pink overlays added a pop of color, complementing the greenery. The coconut shells were also used as hangings along with vibrant florals. We even set up a coconut cart personalized with the couple's name, a charming touch that added to the evening's whimsy.

We had a grazing table with cheeses and Mediterranean tapas. Guests enjoyed customized keychains and pocket squares, as well as mehndi walis. A tarot reader offered future readings, while the perfume bar allowed guests to create their own signature scents. These personalized touches kept everyone entertained all night long.

An Ethereal Wedding

Then came the wedding day. Tanvi’s dream was to have a backyard wedding, a picturesque celebration that felt intimate yet grand. After much deliberation, the family decided on the Turf Club, echoing the sentimentality of her parents' wedding 32 years ago and a perfect fit for Tanvi's vision.

When Tanvi first visited the Turf Club, she was captivated by its rustic charm and the potential it held. Despite the garden being unkempt and surrounded by less appealing views like the car park and main road, Tanvi was determined to transform it into her dream wedding space. The previous planners, however, discouraged her from using the garden for the ceremony. Having worked with the venue before, we at Q Events, understood its potential and were confident in our ability to bring Tanvi’s vision to life for the small, intimate wedding that went into a larger reception, both events of grandeur yet with different decor and aesthetics. 

Our goal was to create a modern temple with traditional white and gold decor, retaining the rustic charm that had captured Tanvi's heart. We covered the garden's boundary with Erica palms and green bushes to block off the less desirable views. These 300 plants were later donated to a school and a temple, in line with the couple's commitment to sustainability.

Logistically, organizing the transfer of over 300 guests from Conrad to the Turf Club, located approximately 5 km away, required meticulous planning. With a fleet of 50 Innovas, our plan ensured guests were well-informed about the schedule, including what time to gather at the hotel lobby, recommendations to carry a change of clothes for the reception, and warm attire for the evening. Each car was labeled with 'Tanvi and Rohit’s Wedding’ signage for easy identification. Additionally, we reserved rooms at the Turf Club for guests in need of a quick refresh. Our hospitality team remained on standby, guiding guests, coordinating car arrivals and departures, and ensuring everyone returned comfortably and safely.To continue with tradition, Rohit and his entourage gathered outside the Turf Club for his Baraat. Choosing a vintage car as his ride, Rohit danced his way towards his lovely bride, surrounded by enthusiastic Baraatis and the Dholwalas adding a beat to their steps. 

Tanvi wanted her beloved dog, Messi to walk beside her but his anxiousness made that a bit tricky. So our team planned a heartwarming surprise for Tanvi and Messi to meet moments before she embarked on her journey down the aisle. 

For the mandap, the couple ditched the idea of getting married in a traditional mandap and instead wanted to get married on an open mandap with the surrounding trees. We hung a lot of white floral ladis, brass bells, and banana leaf hangings from the trees. Tanvi and our team handpicked every flower, adding texture to our all-white aesthetic.Vintage decorative props, like an antique Ganesha from Damini Oberoi's collection, and an old Maharashtrian Wada door repurposed as a photo booth, added a touch of nostalgia and charm. A specially curated trio of tabla, flute, and slide guitar set the tone for the pheras, enhancing the ambiance with their melodious tunes. Dark wood furniture complemented the rustic setting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In a gesture to involve every guest intimately in the ceremony, we provided small temple bells accompanied by explanations of the wedding rituals printed on plantable paper. This added a personal touch and ensured that each guest understood and could participate in the sacred traditions. Each guest was invited to "ring the bell to bless the couple," a meaningful gesture that replaced the traditional use of rice as "akshada." Additionally, small packets of mogras, tied in leaves, were provided for guests to shower the couple with blessings during the Mangalashtak.

During the pheras, guests enjoyed fresh nariyal pani and other traditional Maharashtrian snacks, perfectly complementing the high tea. The entire affair was ethereal, a true testament to Tanvi and Rohit's love story.

"It was the most beautiful wedding I had attended, and I felt so blessed that I could call it my own", Tanvi was overjoyed that we could transform the garden and make the wedding of her dreams a reality. 

A Reception To Remember

The reception evening felt like a dream come true. Transitioning to the bigger lawn at the Turf Club, the ambiance shifted to a magical setting. Fairy lights and candles cast a whimsical glow, complemented by light wood furniture and black & white linen. The band, A Class Apart, set the tone for the night, filling the air with music that resonated with the vibe.

Tanvi and Rohit's closest friends and family lit sparklers to create a path for the couple's entry. This enchanting evening was filled with good food, drinks, and lively music, truly celebrating Tanvi and Rohit's love surrounded by all their loved ones.

Studio 54 - The After Party

So, the celebration wasn't over just yet. We had an amazing after-party that was packed with energy and excitement. It had a Studio 54-style vibe and we incorporated some cool retro elements like disco balls, old televisions, and radios. The photo booth was made from old records and we had a disco dust bar where guests could have their faces painted. We also added some fun mirrors with prints like "Babe, you look cool". It was a blast!

Tanvi and Rohit's whirlwind wedding planning journey not only highlighted the dedication and expertise of our Q Events and Weddings team but also forged lasting memories. Despite the tight timeline, we were able to deliver a memorable and stress-free sustainable celebration that exceeded the couple's expectations. 

“They calmed the panicked bride in me down when I messaged them at all hours of the night and were always 2 steps ahead of us. There was always clarity and precision and not once did they say no to even our most absurd of demands. The more I say, the less it is because they were honestly the best planners we could have asked for.” Tanvi recalls.

Overall, Tanvi and Rohit's wedding beautifully reflected their love for each other and their commitment to the planet. It was a celebration filled with joy and love, made even more special by their dedication to sustainability. We are grateful to have been a part of their special day and look forward to creating many more unforgettable memories for our lovely couples in the future.


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