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Wedding Planners & Event Creators


We make dreams come true. Incorporate a story into each thread of your event and conjure a wonderful collaborative magic to create unrivalled and unforgettable celebrations.



You can view our beautifully done set ups here.


"They are the #dreamteam ! I can’t have more Gratitude and appreciation for Damini , Alaap and Divya and their Teams ! They went Above and Beyond for my Wedding ! From Dealing with climatic changes to Shubum from their team handling my drunk friends and Alaap taking extra care of my grandmother ! They gave me the best references for everything!!!! They made sure I got everything what I asked for fun ,Instagram worthy, comfortable!  I’m so emotional writing this and so happy . Plus point is they r soo nice people to communicate with … they r flexible about the budgets and promise & deliver Quality! You literally don’t have to Worry about Anything

Khushbu & David

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